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    Rabbi Doniel Yehuda Neustadt, SHLIT"A - Yoshev Rosh, Vaad Harabbonim Of Detroit - authors a popular weekly publication called The Halacha Discussion.

Rabbi Neustadt's compilation presents short, clear Halachic decisions based on the Mishnah Berurah and other contemporary Poskim.

Feldheim has published the works distributed over many years.

Approximately once a week Rabbi Neustadt e-mails it to us for Anglicisation or British English and formatting for print distribution, at no cost, in major Jewish centres of England - including London, Manchester and Gateshead. This version is also now being distributed in Jerusalem and other cities in Israel, Malta, Köln, Zürich, Paris, Hong Kong and Johannesburg.

Because of the formatting and Hebrew text our distribution is not available in plain text (ASCII) format. You will need software installed on your computer to un-zip the file and Adobe Acrobat Reader®. If you do not already have this software (available free) please visit Software.

We would be please to help you to make this available in your Synagogue or Jewish Organisation for free on a weekly basis.

Two types of subscriptions are available for this version of this publication, fax (not available for free in all areas) or e-mail of the compressed PDF file.

To subscribe please complete the form -> Subscribe

or send a fax to :

in USA (212) 602-0077
in the UK 020 7691 7315

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